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1 August 2011

Tropical Storm Emily is approaching so Mike wants everyone to stay off the Refuge from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday, so today is the last day of trapping until next March. I caught one male (a recapture from several days ago) and a new lactating female who will have a sore leg for a few days and a PIT tag for the rest of her life, which could be from 3-5 more years. I am still amazed at the fact that I rarely recapture any juveniles marked on the refuge and all adults are new animals or individuals that were marked as adults. I can only conclude that recruitment is primarily from off the Refuge.

This afternoon was hot (around 90 degrees F) so we spent most of the time in the water. I practiced the sport of child throwing by tossing Jonathan, Drue, and Max. Next we played bucking bronco in which each child tries to stay on my back as I thrash around in the surf. I can't think of a better way to spend a sunny summer afternoon in the Caribbean. At sunset, however, it is time to kickback, put your feet up, grab a cool drink, and relax.