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24 July 2011

It's another beautiful day in paradise. The torrential rains have moved west and today promises to be spectacular - mostly sunny with a good stiff tradewind keeping us from getting too hot. I took my Olympus Stylus Tough with me snorkeling this morning and recorded the following videos of a small green sea turtle and images of some fish

The side-view video shows how the animal undulates slightly as it propels itself through the water, appearing similar to the flight of a woodpecker.

Under a rock I found these Blackbar Soldierfish (red), a French Grunt passing through, and two Yellow Goatfish checking out the substrate

A little further on I spotted this Porcupine fish watching me.

I spent a leisurely afternoon floating in the shallows collecting pottery fragments known as chaney (c.f., Crucian Gold Chaney Collection)

Clouds obscured the sunset, so the green flash was not to be seen tonight. The air conditioner in our bedroom broke, so we slept in the large living area where Jonathan and George slept the night before. Other than that it was a perfect day in paradise.