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4 August 2011

Late this morning the impacts of Emily completely disappeared and the weather returned to the typical warm (88 degrees F) humid (dew point at 78 degrees F) August weather we have come to expect. Gary and his family left at 1:30 to catch a 4:20 flight but a text later indicated that their flight to Miami had been delayed until 6:30. Maybe Emily's impacts haven't completely disappeared.

The recent rains have certainly increased plant growth, but there are other differences as well. I did not notice the Frangipani caterpillars on this trip and the Night-blooming Cereus appears to have bloomed weeks ago.

The sadness of leaving tomorrow weighs heavy on Jonathan and me, but in the words of Carmen "you can't come back if you don't leave." It is at this time during these trips that I think about future plans and toy with the idea of retiring on St. Croix. As much as I love this island I can't see my self living here. I love my New England home and the seasons. However, I can see myself visiting STX and trapping mongoose dem for another 20+ years!

View of Frederiksted from the beach on Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge