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August 2009


Our goals included the following:

  • Test mongoose fur marking system to help us identify individuals on images captured by trail cameras.
  • Survey rodent populations on SPNWR.
  • Test mongoose excavation abilities.
  • Continue mongoose population studies.
  • Test several harness devices to attach tracking devices.

Flight Information

Depart from Bradley International Airport on Friday 31 July

American Airlines (AA) #1375 leaves at 7:40 am
Arrive San Juan (SJU) at 11:25 PM
Depart from SJU at 2:55 PM on AA #5064
Arrive on St. Croix (STX) at 3:37 PM
Depart STX at 4:05 PM on Friday 14 August on AA #5065
Arrive SJU at 4:51
Depart SJU at 6:10 PM on AA#1312
Arrive BDL 9:59 PM