5 March 2015

Waking to the mournful calls of Zenaida Doves and the buzzzy trill of the Bananquits flitting amongst the leaves as the day dawned was a sharp contrast to the sounds of the circulating pump on my boiler sending hot water to the radiators in my old house in Massachusetts. After breakfast I paddled a kayak nearly a km in the West End Salt Pond in search of deep water to place the Hobo temperature/light sensor pendant loggers. The deepest I found was approximately 0.5 meter where I placed several loggers.

Steve and I set just 15 traps this afternoon on the Refuge. After laying in more substantial provisions we tested my new Seek thermal imaging attachment to my iPhone.

Jonathan Studying?

Jonathan Waving

Moon over St. Croix

Thermal Image Moon over St. Croix
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